February 26, 2017

Meet The Iron Man of Persian Community Mr. Shahbod Noori

Press Release Media Release Hollywood California Shahbod Noori was born on March , 1964, in Iran, Tehran. He became a driving instructor there at age 17. When the regime changed in Iran, he fled from his country through the mountains to Pakistan. There he continued [….]

Tehran Magazine Issue # 981 Sasy Mankan / Donya Jahanbakht

جنجال عشقي جديد ساسي مانكن و خودكشي دنيا جهانبخت  گرچه در دنياي پر هياهوي امروزي انسان با هزاران مسئله روبروست و هر روز بر مسئوليت هاي انساني افزوده مي شود و ديگر جائي براي دنبال كردن حوادث پيش افتاده نيست اما گاه انسان با بي [….]


Tehran Magazine Is Free From 2017 in All The Persian Market in USA   Tehran International Weekly Magazine is the leading Persian-Language weekly magazine in the United States and around the world. Mr. Shahbod Noori is the Executive Director of our publishing company. In 1989 he [….]